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Intelligent Customer Support Services

What is it?

It is the Support/Service Desk model that brings customer experience to the top making customer support requests and communication accessible from any device, location and channel.

What Does It Do?

It collects all requests for support and communication in a central system. It automatically implements the solution steps within the framework of the workflow rules. At the point where the process requires human interference and control, it escalates the issue to your relevant departments and ensures the conclusion of the issue. While your total ownership costs decrease, your customer satisfaction, service quality and efficiency increase.

What are the advantages?

  • Increasing service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in response and solution times
  • Lower costs
  • Service through several channels
  • Standardization in business processes
  • Digital Transformation
  • SPOC
  • FCR
  • SLA / OLA Management
  • Escalation Management /li>
  • • Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Services

Measurable Benefits



You will obtain fast and reliable results compared to the manpower working 24/7. You can make cost savings up to 50% and use your manpower in productive areas.


Digital workforce allows you to pay as the resources and workforce you use, without making any commitment.

Installation & Integration

With no infrastructure modification, application installation or licensing required, your system setup is provided by providing service over the cloud or on-site, and you will start using the service as soon as possible.


All your workflows are instantly monitored 24/7 by Unite or you. Necessary arrangements are made when intervention is required. Thanks to the relearning algorithms, the system continues to work by developing correctly.



The way to provide uninterrupted support to large numbers of customers and user groups, to solve all the problems of being accessible in any situation, to achieve high SLA targets and to solve the high cost and complexity resulting from these, passes through Intelligent Support Systems.
Fast Operation Periods

Now, the service mentality carried out with crowded teams created to ensure the 24/7 shift cycle, in which all the workload in the operation is undertaken by people, is passing away. A digital platform service is provided to users and customers, in which action is taken unmanned in relation to any kinds of problems and requests that are constantly repetitive and solved by applying the same process steps, such as creating a record/entry through any channels of their choice, record inquiries, usage and process support.

Effective and Fast Process Solutions

Every record created is first responded by this platform and processed with the latest technologies such as NLP, ML, AI, TTS, STT, RPA etc., and an end-to-end unmanned solution is provided. Technologies such as Auto Dispatcher enabling Digital Employees you can communicate with in written or voice on this platform perceive the intent interpreting the written requests and convey the result directly to the respective person, Advanced IVR technology, number & voice recognition and automatic recording and routing of information received from the contact, as well as RPA integration, which ensures the maintenance of any kinds of Operation processes that are repetitive and have standard workflow, are provided as standard service.


End-to-end logging and real-time recording are provided for all transactions that are responded and taken action on this platform.

Decreased Human Intervention

In the Digital Platform layer, all kinds of records that cannot be taken action, cannot be interpreted, do not match the learned workflows, in short, are defined as exceptions, are assigned to the help desk operators, and it is ensured to take an action manually.

In case of any kinds of exceptions, it is ensured that the number of records responded on the digital platform is increased by regular re-learning in line with the automatic learning method or manual analysis.


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