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Intelligent Security Services

What is it?

It is the automation of routine security operations such as information security audit, cyber threat analysis etc. required and repeated within the organization, by means of robots.

What Does It Do?

It inquiries the sender information of emails that may subject to phishing attacks and the security of content links online, and sort out potentially harmful links.

What are the advantages?

  • Service can be provided with the pay-per-use model. Unlimited resource usage.
  • Fast and easy integration with all your existing applications.
  • Mevcut tüm uygulamalarınızla hızlı ve kolay entegrasyon.
  • Full automation of routine security analysis and audit works.
  • Automatic action for high-level findings.

Measurable Benefits






  • More security audits and analyses with existing staff



Installation & Integration

  • Web service support.
  • Customer location or cloud service.
  • Available to be directly integrated with your UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere robots.


  • 365x7 security analysis and audit service.
  • Detailed reporting and finding analysis service.
  • Fully managed systems.

Intelligent Security Services

Our Intelligent Security Services are the services that routine security operations frequently required and repeated within the organization such as information security audit and cyber threat analysis are to be provided automatically by robots.
Active Security

With Unite Smart Security services, email notifications that are likely to be phishing by your users are analyzed just like a security analyst does. First of all, the server IP addresses obtained automatically from the header information of the sent mail are queried from IP reputation sites such as virustotal, talosintelligence, mxtoolbox, ultratools, malcode, and it is checked whether there is a malicious IP record. Then, all links obtained in the mail are individually queried from websites such as virustotal, urlquery, urlhaus etc. The files sent in the mail attachment are run on sandboxes like virustotal, hybrid-analysis, cuckoo etc. and analyzed from a security point of view, and all the findings obtained are reported to information security experts instantly, daily or weekly.

Automated Processes

If desired, links or IP addresses that are considered malicious are blocked by robots from content filtering software such as E-Safe, Forcepoint, Websense etc. Similarly, the configuration checklists published by organizations such as SANS, OWASP, CIS-CAT, NISP etc. are automatically audited for the compliance of your current servers, network devices, database and operating systems, and nonconformities or findings obtained as a result of the audit are automatically reported to the information security team. If desired, the findings obtained are automatically removed by the robots.